About CraftyFitLife

Welcome to the CraftyFitLife Blog! 

Let me introduce myself - I'm Melissa the author of CraftyFitLife.

Based in Ireland, CraftyFitLife was created in 2019, to share the things that I am passionate about. It was started to inspire you to live a life you love. It's a little bit of many things including crafts, healthy living, gardening, travel and so much more.

It will also include posts about life – my life – things that I do, places that I go to and things that I see.

Explaining the name "CraftyFitLife"?


Crafts have always been part of my life, especially yarncrafts. I also enjoy making natural beauty products and natural household cleaning products, this is a crafty way of being able to use top quality natural products, tailored to your own requirements and saving money - they are nearly always much cheaper. 


I have been interested in health and fitness for most of my life. Regularly reading up and learning about things like nutrition, complementary health, and different ways to keep fit, flexible and strong, emotionally, mentally, and physically, keeps me up to date with current thoughts on how best to look after ourselves.


This refers to my life. I am not perfect, nor do I claim to be an expert on anything, but this is my life and how I live it.  I love and enjoy life. 

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