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H ave you ever thought about making your own beauty products? Were you put off, thinking that it would be very difficult? In today's blogpost I will share with you a really simple, two ingredients, Homemade Lip Balm Recipe, that is quick and easy to make. Additionally, the ingredients are usually easy to find, either in a supermarket or health food store. You can take a great sense of pride for making your own beauty products, you know exactly what ingredients have gone into them and lip balms are a great place to start. WHY MAKE OWN YOUR SKINCARE PRODUCTS? When you make your own natural skincare products, you get to choose the ingredients that are most suitable to your skin and what it needs, researching this can be great fun. You can avoid the preservatives and other chemical nasties that are regularly found in commercial products. The skin of our lips is extremely thin and prone to dryness. It is constantly exposed to the sun, wind or cold depending on the time of ye

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