Welcome To The Craftyfitlife Blog

Welcome to the CraftyFitLife Blog. 

Picture of a butterfly with text that reads "Welcome to CraftyFitLife"

Here you will find posts about the wide variety of crafts that I enjoy including knitting, sewing and crochet. 

There will also be posts on many aspects of health, fitness and wellbeing including some of the things that I use and do to help keep me fit, healthy, strong, and flexible in mind, body, and spirit. 

Other posts will give some insights to how I live my day-to-day life - for example posts about gardening, travelling, days out etc. 

If you enjoy making your own beauty products and household cleaning products, or trying recipes that use produce from your garden, or maybe you want to learn more about what is growing in your garden, perhaps you enjoy travelling both at home and abroad then watch this space as this blog develops there will be many posts covering these topics. 

Thank you for stopping by and if you enjoy the posts please follow me to stay up to date with CraftyFitLife.

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