Going Grey, Grey Hair – The Journey Part One

Why is it in the western world that a man with grey hair is mature, dashing and distinguished, yet a woman is supposed to cover her grey hair as though it is something that we should never see?

I have been contemplating letting my hair revert to its natural colour for some time now.  Why?  Primarily because I have been dying my hair for over thirty years and I want to remove more of the unnecessary chemicals from my life.  At this stage there are quite a few grey hairs, and I am curious as to what the colour actually is.  I was sixteen when I became a hairdresser and over the years since then my hair has been many different colours but now, I feel that it is time to embrace the natural beauty that my crowning glory really is, whatever its colour may be.

With the lock-down of Covid-19 in progress here in Ireland, I decided that it is the ideal opportunity to try it.  If I find that I really hate the colour when the dye grows out, I can colour it again no problem – the colour is in the cupboard!  To make it even more awkward for myself, I have also decided to grow my hair again too!

I have recently been in awe of the beautiful hair as worn by women such as - Jamie Lee Curtis, Yazemeenah Rossi and Caroline Labouchere, all very beautiful women wearing their elegant grey hair with pride.

Lady with short hair and glasses

So today, 27th April 2020, to begin the journey, my hair is quite short and the last time the colour was done is approximately five weeks ago.  Thankfully, my hair grows quite quickly so hoping it will not be too painful a process.


Thank you for reading my blog today, I hope you enjoyed it.  

Until the next time may your world be filled with love, peace and happiness.

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